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IT services and product development
IT services and product development

What is TimeTraces?

TimeTraces is an easy-to-use time tracking system for Windows that is simple by design, yet very versatile, and thus very powerful.  It is especially suited for tracking the working hours of freelance contractors, individual employees and small companies.

TimeTraces works on the principle of a stopwatch.  When you start working you select the accompanying activity and click the "Start" button.  When you stop you click the "Stop" button.  In this way tracking your working hours has become an easy task.  TimeTraces generates statistics and reports of your time tracking, which you can then import in your favorite analysis- or billing application.

The number of possibilities is endless; you can use TimeTraces to keep track of your working hours, to get a better insight on what tasks are most time consuming in a project, or just to see how long you are browsing on the Internet each week on average.  Therefore let TimeTraces do the time tracking for you so you end up with more working time yourself!

Go to the TimeTraces home page for more detailed information on TimeTraces and to download the latest version.