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IT services and product development
IT services and product development

TwoLogs' Services

Our services are characterized by a broad range of specialisms, including Microsoft Windows application programming in C++ and Visual Basic, database application development in Microsoft Access, Oracle and Lotus Notes, web development and other IT development.  See our Dutch services page for a more thourough description of the specialisms we have to offer.

We offer our services to a wide range of companies, both for short and long term projects.  Our freelancers have a lot of experience in their field.  So we can quickly come to a result that satisfies your wishes.  We can determine, in close consultation with you, how your specific wishes can best be translated to a sound IT solution.  We strive for in-depth and reliable solutions that are useful for a long time.  We know how to combine our result-oriented approach with a good eye for detail; in this way we can work towards a good solution for your problem.

Except offering solutions, our services also encompasses precisely documenting the design and source code, making help texts, training users and maintaining applications.