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IT services and product development
IT services and product development

Free resources

Listed on these pages are some free resources such as a test form, some documentation and some code snippets.

Test your web form

The web form testing page allows you to test your web forms for all sorts of input.  Normally, your browser will restrict what data you can enter in the form.  E.g., one-line text fields cannot contain more than one line, and some fields are hidden and thus can not be changed.  However, some forms will also be accessed by automated submission programs, and these programs have no such restrictions on what can be entered in the form.  It can thus be vital to test your form for all sorts of (invalid) input; a recent example is a spam robot that tries to misuse your on-line e-mail forms.

Source code

As a by-product of our own Windows application development, we have created a set of useful and reusable source code modules over the years.  We have collected some of these modules on the source code page; these source files are freely distributable and can be used free of charge in your projects.