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IT services and product development
IT services and product development

Source code


During our long history of developing Microsoft Windows software products, we have created a library of useful and reusable source code modules.  On this page you can find some of these fragments.  We offer the code fragments free of charge for you to download and use in your own products (also for commercial use), as long as the author credentials in the source code remain intact.  The code fragments are however given out 'as is'; we do not offer support on them and they may not be fit for each and every application.  Use them to your own discretion and at your own risk.

C_ActivateWindow (C++ module)
Window activation even when user is not logged on yet
C_Connector (C++ module)
Bi-directional multi-linked objects
C_DesktopWaiter (C++ module)
Get notified when the process' desktop is active again
C_EventProxy (C++ module)
Easy event firing from worker threads in ATL projects
C_Handle (C++ module)
Safe reference counted auto-releasing handles
C_HiResTimer (C++ module)
High resolution timer
C_INIFile (C++ module)
Buffered INI file reading and writing
C_Lock (C++ module)
Safe multi-threading code execution and resource access locking
C_Logging (C++ module)
Dynamic support for logging to console, file, messagebox and more
C_NumberEditBox (C++ module)
Numeric size and/or value limited edit boxes
C_SignalSlot (C++ module)
Signal/slot event raising library
C_SubclassedWindow (C++ module)
Easy window subclassing
C_Thread (C++ module)
Easy multi-threading support
C_Timer (C++ module)
Easy multiple timed timer events
C_TreeNode (C++ module)
Free shaped easy to navigate object trees
C_Unicode (C++ module)
Convert strings from/to Windows Unicode
VB_ZIP (VB Script module)
ZIP support for VBScript